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In a conflicting manner, my work is created by means of wrenched and gridded compositions that are woven together like knitting. This pattern is the glue between shapeless excessive gestures that seem to contain no beginning or end, as opposed to silhouette-shaped surfaces and collage elements from my immediate environment. From a multi-medium fabrication process, I find a middle ground between two extremes; this often results in the works containing an ambivalent character.

I regularly generate new ideas from my direct relationship with city culture. This can be an explanation of a work schedule of a fellow city dweller that I found on the street, to the symbolic value I attach to a strangely placed piece of spray-paint on the side of a container. These traces contain a revealing factor in which on a small scale the reflection or certain considerations of an individual can be traced back. Within my visual language, the elements I use often embrace both semiotic and abstract value.

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